Q: I want to edit or cancel my order
A: If a customer proposes an order cancellation within 12 hours of placing the order, a full refund can be issued.
If the cancellation occurs 12 to 24 hours after placing the order, a 50% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.
Cancellations made more than 24 hours after placing the order will not be accepted.

Q: My order is being delivered to the wrong address, what do I do?
A: Please check and ensure that your correct address is listed on your Oyeab account. You can navigate there by clicking or hovering over your account and then clicking MY INFO. Once you are on that page, scroll down to ADDRESSES and make sure to make corrections to existing addresses and/or delete old addresses. Oyeab is not responsible for orders delivered to an incorrect address. Oyeab can not change your address once your order has been processed.


Q: What's discount codes?
A: Discount codes are sales specific codes that can apply to your order when you are checking out. If there is a site-wide sale, applying discount codes may not be allowed unless otherwise indicated.
We cannot change or add a discount code after the order has been placed.

Q: Can I apply more than one discount code after I order?
A: Only ONE discount code can be applied per order and can not be changed after the order has been placed.
TIP: If the discount code applies to specific items in your order, you may want to consider applying that discount code to that order and place a second order to utilize a different discount code, but any applicable shipping fees will apply if opting to do this.

Q: Why isn't my discount code being accepted
A: Discount codes are only available for a limited time. If the discount code is no longer available our system will not allow you to add it to your order.Discount codes may also not apply if the items in your cart do not match the criteria of the discount code.

Q: Can I request a discount code if I contact customer service?
A: All the discount codes available to customers are found on our website. Customer Service does not have any discount codes that they can give to customers.

Q: Accepted payment methods
A: We accept the following forms of payment:
American Express
Oyeab gift cards
Apple Pay
Google Pay

Q: There's a charge on my credit card I don't recognize
A: If you did not make a purchase from us and/or don't recognize a charge from Oyeab we will need you contact us immediately so that we can look into this matter and get it resolved!
Contact customer care team and provide the following information:
Your email address
Your full name
Date of transaction/order placed
Last 4 digits of credit card used to make this transaction
Total amount charged

Q: Want to purchase a gift card? You can purchase a gift card in convenient denominations that will be the perfect gift!
A: No promotional discounts, coupons, or offers may be applied to purchase a Oyeab gift card. Gift Card funds are not transferable to an unauthorized third party or vendor. Gift cards are not transferable between our retail locations and online stores. We are unable to change the value of the gift card, once it has been purchased. We can not add or remove a gift card from an order after the order has been placed.

Q: Can gift cards expire?
A: No, Gift Cards have no expiration date.
Oyeab may issue a non-purchasable special promotional e-card. These cards will have an expiration date. In this case, you will be made aware of this expiration date upon issuance.

Q: Can I get a refund or exchange for my gift card?
A: Gift cards are final sale items and thus cannot be returned for refund or exchanged unless required by law.

Q: Can I apply a gift card to a past order?
A: If you forgot to apply your gift card to your online order, regrettably, we would not be able to apply the unused gift card to your order once it has been placed.

Q: How can I purchase a physical gift card?
A: Physical Gift Cards can only be redeemed in our retail locations throughout Southern California store locations.

Q: My gift card was lost or stolen
A: You must safeguard your gift card for your own protection. It is within Oyeab's discretion that we may replace a gift card for the remaining balance at the time that a card is reported as damaged, lost, or stolen -- so long as we are provided with the original proof of purchase.

Q: My credit card was declined
A: If your payment does not successfully process or if it is declined when trying to complete your purchase, you will have an opportunity to enter a new card number or alternative form of payment prior to completing your purchase.
Regrettably, Oyeab does not have details as to why this happened and suggest you reach out directly to your financial institution for any details regarding your declined payment.